"OF LIONS AND MEN" - spatial audio installation

photos by Fabian Gieske.

There is a story, a conflict between men, modern life, nature and animals. There are sounds, there is music and it all was put into a very special exhibition: OF LIONS AND MEN.


We worked togeher with the Berlin based audio company usomo and put together an exhibition that we call "walkthrough documentary". It is a special 3D audio experience containing sounds and music that changes depending on where you are standing within the exhibition room.


the team


Fabian Gieske - photography & story

Tabea Meyers - project management

Adrian Lorenz - sound design

Elisabeth Sommer - sound design

Mandy Peterat - exhibition design

Miriam Schenkirz - exhibition design, graphic design

Jan Philip Ernsting - light design

Nadine Lehmann - Line Production

Anna Kühlein - music



Steffen Armbruster

Uli Dziallas

Marc Trinkhaus

dates & infos




from 14th till 17th October



Ritter Butzke

Ritterstraße 26

10969 Berlin



for free