Anna Kühlein is a composer for film music.


She was born in Germany. Her professional musical education started at an early age of four. She wanted to become a composer since she was nine years old and her dream specified at the age of twelve, when she decided to become a film composer.


She studied music production with focus on recording, composition and piano at Hochschule der populären Künste Berlin (university of popular arts berlin) where she successfully graduated with her bachelor of music.


She started her film music master studies at the renownded Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in October 2016.


She has been composing and producing for several projects such as her most recent one episode 2 (additional music) and episode 3 (composer credit together with Maurus Ronner and Christian Biegai) "Ku'Damm 59" (ZDF). Other short film projects are for example "Ausbruch" (Oliver Haffner), "Darsteller" (Jannis Alexander Kiefer), "Fragmente von dir" (Victoria Schulz), "Rick" (Jan Peter Horstmann) and "Punish Honey" (Thuy Trang Nguyen); and several image films for example for ImmoAgentur Maier GmbH, Flottweg and Heinz Sielmann Stiftung.


She worked as an intern for Ali N. Askin who is a film music composer based in Berlin and is now working as his assistant.


Anna Kühlein works and lives in Berlin & Leipzig, Germany.

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composed music for "Ku'Damm 59"; episode 2 (additional music) and composed the score of episode 3 together with main composer Maurus Ronner and Christian Biegai. Directed by Sven Bohse. I also did some of the orchestration and programming for all three episodes.

composed the music for the short film"Minimalist" by Josephine Links.


composed the music for the short film"15 Minutes" by Josephine Links.

composed the music for the short documentary "Hormuz" by Janis Brod.

composed title track for the love show "INKLUSIVE" by Anne Koths and Marie-Luise Wagner.

composed the music for the commerial for "AIDO", directed by Savio Debernadis.

composed the music for the short film "Clown" by Jannis Alexander Kiefer.

composed two tracks for "Happy Birthday" by Savio Debernadis.

composed the music for two short animated films "La Fill Heureuse" and "Türme".

composed title & credits for "Generation Berlin", rbb.

compositions for the spatial audio & photography exhibition "Of Lions and Men".

film score for "Alyha LOVE" with director Saverio Debernadis and producer Maren Schmidt, rbb & Dok Leipzig '17.

orchestration for „1937 - Das Ende der Unschuld“ with composer Franziska Henke.

matchmaking at Soundtrack Cologne 14 with composers Lesley Barber and Carly Paradis; music supervisor Ian Cook; director, writer and producer Mareike Wegener and PR for film, TV & music projects manager Valerie Dobbelaere.

film score for the short movie "Ausbruch" with director Oliver Haffner.

workshop with Ulrike Haage.

workshop with Hansjörg Kohli, zdf.

film score for "Fragmente von Dir" by director Victoria Schulz.

film score for "Rick" by director Jan-Peter Horstmann.

orchestra recording of the composition "Luftschloss Adagio" (in cooperation with Gary Hirche) for the film "Darsteller" by director Jannis Alexander Kiefer.

several compositions for Heinz Sielmann Stiftung.

film score for the animated short film "Seite A", which celebrated its premiere at the ITFS - Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart in the category Young Animation from 2nd to 5th of May 2017 in Stuttgart.

since 2016

studying masters degree in filmmusic (master of music) under Ulrich Reuter, Karim Sebastian Elias, Chandra Fleig and Jörg Iwer.


music assistant for Maurus Ronner for "Ku'damm 56", "Sarah Wiener - eine Woche unter..." and the ZDF-series "Sibel und Max".

orchestra recording & music assistance for the music of "Pettersson & Findus 2 - das schönste Weihnachten überhaupt" by Ali N. Askin with Filmphilharmonie in Weimar.

transcription for Ensemble Musikfabrik.

workshop wit Dr. Mladen Milicevic.

workshop wit Christoph Becker, Constantin Music.

workshop with Matthias Hornschu.

orchestra recording of the composition "The Journey of Climbing Mountains" with Babelsberger Filmorchester and conductor Christian Köhler.

since 2014

working as an music assistant for Ali N. Askin for several projects, for example cinema movies such as "Tehran Taboo" and "Pettersson und Findus 2", also TV-movies such as "München Mord", "Die Akte General" and "Lotta &..." and radio plays, for example "Siddhartha".

since 2013

composing scores for several short films and image films (for more info see credits).




bachelor of music in music production at Hochschule der populären Künste in Berlin. Studied piano under Bene Aperdannier and Claus-Dieter Bandorf; recording arts with Carlos Albrecht, Alexis Baskind, Henning Birkenhake and Gabriel Grote, composition, arrangement & songwriting with Ali N. Askin, Stefan Behrisch, and Nikko Weidemann, also Robert Lingnau, Tilmann Erhorn. Vocals under Marc Secara and Natascha Roth-Scholfeld; ensemble with Jocelyn B. Smith and Björn Werra; musicology under Dr. Dietmar Elflein. Several workshops in different fields of conducting, recording, composition and producing with Peter Hoffmann, Matthias Hass, Anthony Thet, Guy Chambers and many more.




classical piano education with Larissa Pfeffer, Bettina Kroczek and Ercole Caputo.
Jazz and modern piano education with Bene Aperdannier and Claus-Dieter Bandorf.

references & cooperations

She has been working as a music assistance for the film score composer Ali N. Askin since 2014.

She is getting her master degree in film music at the renowned Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in Potsdam, Germany.


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