feature film | 23min

directed by Jan-Peter Horstmann



In a park, sex worker Nadim meets Oliver, a client, and goes home with him. Once there, the two have unspectacular sex. Only when a misunderstanding leads to a brawl and both are confronted with unexpected desires and needs do they really get closer to each other and realise how similar they actually are.



Oliver | Valentin Fruntke

Nadim | Aviran Edri



film scrips & director | Jan-Peter Horstmann

director of photography | Adam Graf

editing | Pauline Zint

production management | Mariella Frey

production design | Ran Chai Bar-Zvi & Felix Lindner

sound | Oskar von Gilgenheimb

sounddesign | Bela Brandes

mixing | Sebastin Kleinloh

music | Anna Kühlein


  • Queer Screen's 27th Mardi Gras Film Festival, Sydney, Australien, 13.-27.02.2020