I've uploaded new tracks to my piano playlist on soundcloud. Some are new, some are older, and some a very personal.

I'll be at the Soundtrack Cologne from 24th to 27th of August 2017. See you there!

I composed the music for the short film "Rick" by Jan-Peter Horstmann. It is a short documentary about Ricco, who is gay and deaf. And he works as a porn actor. The short documentary shows a young man, who is capable to overcome obstacles and boundaries and to enjoy himself and his body to the fullest. And he finds his own liberation in the light of the film studio.

I composed the music for the short film "Weingärtner" by Arik Bauriedl and Cedrik Weingärtner from Odysee8 entertainment. This short film turns everything you know about soap commercials upside down. Every cliché gets reversed and tampered with. See for yourself here. This is a short preview. For more information click on the button "mehr lesen" or click on "BLOG" above.

I am on bandcamp now! You can find me here. You can buy tracks or albums there, stream mobile, create wishlists and so on. I uploaded two new tracks, which are compositions for the Heinz Sielmann Stiftung.

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I composed the music for an explanatory video called "Zeitreise" by Lena Brüch. It is about her idea how travelling could be changed concerning the equipment you need for different travel situations. She suggests a whole renting system in Europe. See for yourself here.

I composed the music for an animated short film called "Seite A". Seven students of the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf animated this film. Now it is celebrating its premiere at the Internationales Trickfilm Festival (ITSF) in Stuttgart, which takes places from the 2nd to the 7th of May 2017. It will be shown within the Young Animation 1 category.

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A project called ERFINDERWERKSTATT - where students of the scenography department work with rooms and objects and digitally recreate short films based on their paintings. The results are accessible and moving pictures. THE FORGOTTEN PLACE OF FUN AND RESEARCH was the basis and origin of their creative analysis and many ideas and interpretations were formed. I composed the music for the work by Elisabeth Kozerski.

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I uploaded some new tracks. You can either listen to them in this blog entry by clicking on the category "music", where you find more of my music.

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I uploaded some new tracks. You can either listen to them in this blog or in the category "music".

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